About Us
We are group of youth, talented programmers & designers from Bahrain. Getting popular after our first Android app Textgram and continue working on other special projects. Codeadore started as a team in 2011, aiming improve the current technologies in the software field by turning our ideas and imaginations into reality.

Our first app “Textgram” was published at the 11th of April 2012, it has been downloaded by more than 1 million users during its first month and the downloads continued to increase rapidly until they reached 7 Million today. Textgram received many awards and has been featured in many magazines and tech blogs all around the world.
Codeadore started as a team
April 11th
Textgram released for Android
May 11th
Textgram hits 1 million downloads
September 7th
Textgram hits 10 million downloads
Our Team
Ali AlNoaimi
Java, PHP & Python coder
Sayed Mujtaba
UI/UX Designer
Abdulla Alkattab
Graphics Designer
Sadaoui Abderrahim
iOS Developer (Confused App)